Meet Curt Harler, Freelance Writer


Curt Harler is a well-known author with expertise in agronomy and turfgrass; recycling and environmental issues; telecommunications and data security; and books for children.

He is the recipient of the 1996 International Communications Association Industry Achievement award for his years of networking and communications writing. A former editor-in-chief of LANCASTER FARMING newspaper (the world's largest farm newspaper), he was Executive Editor of the farm group for HBJ, Edgell Publications and Advanstar. He was formerly editor-in-chief of COMMUNICATIONS NEWS. 

As a freelance writer, he writes for a diverse group of publications.

Curt is a popular speaker and moderator for many industry seminars and programs. His widely-read articles are respected for their leadership and insight. Over two dozen corporations and individual executives regularly call on Curt to prepare white papers or to ghost-write articles for them.

He has written several books on topics ranging from network management to rock climbing, from Blues Clues to caving. He is co-editor, with Dean Wiseman, of the 272-page, go-to book for new cavers titled CAVING BASICS. Curt has recently completed work on the newest addition to the Spelean History series (#102) titled HISTORIC CAVES OF THE LAKE ERIE ISLANDS. He also authored #87 in that series, HISTORIC CAVES OF THE CUYAHOGA VALLEY. Each is available for $10 as a donation to the Cleveland Grotto Science Fund. He is the author of THE CAVING HANDBOOK for the Cleveland caving club. Copies are available by mail for US$15 including postage. He is one of the authors whose work appeared frequently in the NSS's popular SPELEO DIGEST. On the rock climbing side of the bookshelf, he authored the guidebook "CLIMB PENNSYLVANIA" (the second edition just sold out). He is a contributor to THE COLLEGIAN CHRONICLES, a history of Penn State's independent student newspaper.

Curt completed five terms as Executive Vice President of the National Speleological Society and has stepped down to allow some fresh ideas. He is a Board member of the Cleveland Grotto of the NSS, a Board member of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy and a member of the Pittsburgh Grotto.

He recently completed his term as a member of the Penn State Alumni Blue Band Board of Directors. He currently serves on the Penn State DAILY COLLEGIAN Alumni Board of Directors (2020-23).

Curt holds B.S. in agriculture (agronomy/environmental studies) from Pennsylvania State University, a M.S. from Ohio State in ag economics and rural sociology, and a B.A. in journalism (news/editing) from Penn State. He is married with three adult children and resides in Strongsville, Ohio.